Welcome to Louv Made store! We're delighted that you're interested in creating an account with us. Having an account offers various benefits, such as personalised experiences, access to exclusive content, and convenient features. Follow the step-by-step guide below to create an account on our website:


Step 1: Visit Our Website

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to our website's homepage. You can do this by typing our website's URL into the address bar or by searching for our website through a search engine.

Step 2: Locate the Account Creation Section

On our homepage, look for the "Sign Up" or "Create Account" button/link. It is usually located in the top right corner of the page, but it may vary depending on the website's design.

Step 3: Click on "Sign Up" or "Create Account"

Once you've found the account creation section, click on the "Sign Up" or "Create Account" button/link. This will direct you to the account registration page.

Step 4: Provide Your Information

On the account registration page, you'll typically find a form with fields to fill in your information. The required fields may include:

Step 5: Agree to Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, if provided. Make sure you understand and agree to them before proceeding. Some websites may require you to check a box or click on an "I Agree" button to proceed.

Step 6: Complete the Registration Process

After filling in your information and agreeing to the terms and conditions, click on the "Register" or "Create Account" button to complete the registration process. In some cases, you may need to solve a captcha or go through additional verification steps, such as email confirmation.

Step 7: Log In to Your New Account

Once your account is successfully created and verified (if applicable), return to our website's homepage. Click on the "Log In" or "Sign In" button/link and enter your registered email address and password. This will log you into your newly created account.


Congratulations! You have successfully created an account on our website. From here, you can explore the various features and functionalities available to registered users.

Remember to keep your account information secure and avoid sharing your password with anyone. If you encounter any issues during the registration process or have further questions, feel free to contact our customer support on WhatsApp for assistance.